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Noise Barriers: aphonic barriers, for outdoor use in both industrial, commercial and civil areas. Depending on the area of installation, the most suitable types and colors of panels are studied. In fact, they can also be had with infill made with panels of different colors and workmanship, and clad externally with wooden or completely wooden beads, bricks, paintable plasterboard cladding or covered with aluminum, stainless steel or Alucobond ( cladding suitable for shopping centers such as supermarkets, car dealerships, office facades, convention and music halls and more), all to improve their aesthetics and integrate them into the surrounding environment.

Our company offers a full range of noise barriers that can meet any need.

Available in any shape or material, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, wood are adaptable to any type of settlement, whether for highway, rail traffic or industrial or civil settlements paying special attention to integration with the surrounding environment.

Also available are sound-impedance and sound-absorbing barriers with REI certification that can be supplied with anti-noise shatterproof glass, sliding doors, hinged doors, flashings, cylindrical attenuators and whatever else is necessary.

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