Infrared Ovens


Customized industrial infrared ovens for baking, drying, melting, pre-heating and pre-gelling

The heating technology used is mainly electrical infrared (short-wave and medium-wave infrared) or gas infrared.
The choice of wavelength is specific to your product, and determined by tests done in-house.


  • Physics of infrared waves traversing the air without heating it and only heats the product
  • Very high speed in reaching high temperatures (up to 700°C)
  • Maximum reduction of consumption.
Main features
Uses and application

Range of ovens for treatments on metals, typically treatments on brass, steel, etc., with which various types of treatments such as stress relief, tempering, and stabilization can be carried out, with the aim of reducing internal and residual stresses that result from hot and cold working, hardening treatments, and machining, with temperatures ranging from about 150°C to 500°C depending on the materials. These ovens are used, for example, for stress relief treatments of brass components, with temperatures of 250-450°C, and for stress relief treatments after soldering.

Tempering is a heat treatment usually performed after hardening, with the aim of obtaining the desired hardness/tenacity ratio. These ovens are suitable for treatments for temperature ranges from 150°C to 450°C.

A widely used technique for assembly or disassembly operations of mechanical components and transmission organs, which involves using heat-generated thermal expansion to overcome the dimensional interference of two components and create an extremely strong mechanical coupling.

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